Transform your daily shower and soak with these new kits.

Each containing a Shower Oil (250ml) and Bath & Shower Oil (55ml), in 4 bestselling blends.

Paired together to address your emotional and physical needs.  


Identify what your mind and body is feeling below, pick the Shower and Soak kit for you, then bring the power of aromatherapy to your morning shower pick-me-up, and your evening bath wind-down.





De-Stress Mind





Fragrance Description:
Woody with a hint of fresh floral meadows, that uses an essential oil blend of Frankincense, Wild Camomile and Rosemary


How you’ll feel:

“De-Stress Shower Oil was like a warm blanket. I prefer to use it in the evening to switch off from work.”


“After a stressful day at work, applying to your body before a bath/shower makes all the difference and helps you forget about the day.”